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Prof. Prashant More

About Prof. Prashant More:

  • Prof. Prashant More has a Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering from University of Toledo, Ohio.
  • He also has a Master's Degree in Finance from Central European University in Budapest, Hungary.
  • He has passed FE Exam in first attempt with a score of 91 in April 2001.
  • He has about 20 years of Teaching experience in US, India and Oman.


About Prof. Dada Patil:

Prof. Dada Patil

  • Prof. Dada Patil has a Master's degree in Civil Engineering.
  • He has about 20 years of teaching experience in University of Mumbai, India.
  • He is currently pursuing Ph.D. in Concrete Technology.
  • His YouTube channel can be viewed here.